fertility issues


Andrew Stewart Acupuncture clinic supports your goals through Chinese medical treatments and acupuncture which can greatly enhance your chances for pregnancy whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or undergoing IVF, or other assisted reproductive procedures.

Digestive Problems


Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can correct these imbalances and return your digestive system back to the state of balance. A personalized herbal formula based on thorough evaluation of your health will have an elegant combination of several herbs.



Headaches are easily stopped within minutes with Acupuncture, definitely faster and safer than drugs! A lot of the causes including neck problems can be easily eliminated.

nerve pain


Acupuncture may help relieving severe nerve pain experienced by the patients undergoing cancer treatment, a new study has suggested. Neuropathic pain caused by surgery, diabetes and injury.

Muscle Pain


Activate the body's own healing system by stimulating the affected area to produce anti-inflammatory proteins that specializes in eliminate nerve and muscle pain.



Adrenal fatigue caused by years of general stress due to family commitments, work and study commitments and years of suffering chronic pain, mental health related conditions such as Depression or even post viral recovery such as Ross River Fever.

Sports Injuries


Acupuncture can be a useful resourse in the treatment programme for many sports-related injuries, as well as other types of musculo-skeletal problems.

Back Treatment


When someone hurts their low back there is often painful muscle spasm that makes it hard to walk or even move, I use acupuncture to relax and desensitise the area so that I can examine the joints without causing pain. Neck with Back treatment.

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Dr Andrew Stewart is an Acupuncturist and a member of AACMA accma